Pleasant findings

I’ve had recently been clearing out my room, organizing bookshelves and drawers, moving furniture around, and making space. I moved a smaller bookshelf and the speakers to my stereo so I could access the furthest drawer under my bed. In it are all art supplies: various paints, brushes, pens, and other tools. I emptied it so I could go through everything and reorganize it, since for a long time I would open it just a crack so I could toss tools into it that I bought but could not access. A crack was the most I could open it to.

As I was going through it all I came across two boxes of paints. One was acrylic, which I already knew I had in another box but wasnt aware of this one, and the other was watercolour. This was a pleasant suprise since I’ve wanted proper watercolour paints recently yet can’t afford them at the moment and yet here they are available for me.

Now if I could only decide what to paint.

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