Portfolio Update Incoming + Recent Work

I’ve been busy with some freelance work the past few weeks. I was working on a logo for Pommette Mobile Beauty Studio first:


This was the logo, chosen by the client, after several different drafts and alterations.

After all those attempts, we ended up going with one of the very first drafts. Unfortunate, but at least it was finished. I know that some of them took experimenting or things I wasn’t as use to. There was the one draft with the crazy water colour affect that I had done just so we could see what coloud be attempted in the case of water colour. The logo itself was a draft all on it’s own.
 For the past few months I’ve been receiving articles, photos and ads for my other client: Glean Okanagan. I was in charge of putting everything together for the magazine and giving it a design. It was quite a push to get things done on time, as getting current content in from the authors can make things very tight. It’s waiting to be printed and so I can’t put any photos up yet but I’m excited to get a copy for my portfolio. I’ll likely be working on the December issue next.
I’m STILL looking for work. Proper work, of course. Not freelance. Any places with openings don’t seem to respond to even receiving my resume and most of them need more experience than I have. It’s a real struggle to get any job. The need for experience to get a job to get experience has ALWAYS been painful and ridiculous. I feel stuck, in that case, and am not sure what to do besides what I’m doing but not sure if any of them count what I do within the experience timeline. I just want to get through that damn door.
In the meantime, I believe I’ll be updating my portfolio site. More on that in the next post.

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