Next con: Kelowna Comic and Collectables Expo

So I’m attending another convention this October on the 22nd. It’s another local con that I missed last year when I think it first appeared. I also missed a con in a nearby city that would have been a good idea to attend but I’ll try and hit it next year.

The tables prices are very affordable, in comparison to the 200 dollars for 3 days that KFX will be doing next year. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to, I probably can’t afford the risk there. I wanted to try and share a table but it’s still pretty bad. I made $75 total last year when I shared with 3 others. And the table then cost $100. It is too small of a convention and not a good environment for vendors.

I don’t know what KCCE 2017 will be like but I’m hoping it’ll be a more postive situation. The RISK, this time, will be in the investments I put into what I’m creating.

I still have almost ALL my prints for KFX. I think I sold nly 3 prints from a total of 60 professionally printed ones, and 4 of maybe 10 home printed.

I did sell almost all my voltron stickers and a bunch of pokemon stickers and those WILL be there again this year. They may still be home printed though.

I’m going to try and work with polymer clay to make some original magnets and jewelr pieces. I’ve worked on designs for sewing projects. Though I’ve practiced and reaized that the felt I bought from michaels is much too flimsy to work with, give my plans. I will have to order some thicker and stiffer felt. The typical stuff you find at dollars stores is what I bought. And although you can use it for many cute sewing projects, it is not a good idea for my plans.

I have been really into Owls so I’m trying to make a ball shaped owl plushie.

However, the ball plushies initially started as an idea for a bee one, which will have to take priority. They are more simple to begin with.

I have drawn out some cat and fox ones, as well as even a dragon that follows the same pattern as the owl with its wings. But these are all theoretical IF I can get it to work. I’m new at sewing felt plushie to begin with.

(Thats not necessarily true, but I havent sew things since I was young, and nothing so complicated.)

I’ve had polymer clay bought in the past but never had the courage to test it, thinking that I could not cook it with my oven without causing issus of fumes and other complications. But I tested it out at a friends, finding out a toaster oven is good enough and it doesnt cause any issues. I had to invest a bunch of money in NEW polymer clay, however. The stuff I had was FIMO, and had dried out a fair amount. It was very hard to work with, and so I’ve switched down to the most fragile, but more easy to mold, sculpy and premo of the sculpy brand.

It’s a little harder to work with it, due to my eczema. But when I can, I try to add a few things.

I’m adding stickers to my current list, with one or two new pokemon and an old Meowth one I never got to use.

Im also adding Adventure Time stickers.

I’ve been painting latey and hope to include some traditional products, and some print copies of some traditional projects. I’ve recently bought a new printer called the HP envy AIO. Its an older model that was on sale but I needed to replace the previous with something more financially safe. As the colour accuracy is REALLY bad on the old printer, I’d have to recalabrate it with a lot of ink wasted. However HP envy AIO works on a sub based system that will allow me to make sure I am not wasting money when I need to calabrate it if need be. It’s a good investment for my profession and will allow for more product in the future. I can also afford to lower prices.

The BIGGEST investment, however, is CHARMS.

Now I DID buy inkjet based shrink film for some cheaper home made charms, and I’ll have to look into how to seal and gloss those after for improve quality. But I’m actually ordering some REAL professionally made charms from zapcreative soon.

I wanted to work with acornpress, who have a great history of lovely made charms, wth good prices and charm designs to charm order ratio. BUT they havent been responsive so I’m going to be spending more money than I wanted to (by over 100 dollars.)

To give a better idea:

Acornpress allows for 5 designs per 50 and 10 per 100. I need to at least use 6 designs, and with two sided charms it would have costed me 200 US(including shipping).

However, I’m ordering from the UK now, and zapcreative does not allow more than 5 designs until you order 500+. So I must order two orders of 50(which means less of a deal than buying 100), with two different sets of designs.

I have two design ideas for extra charms, And now I’m considering two more that I was going to make into stickers. This will allow for a total of 10. They will be 1.5 inches and double sided. All of them.

…it’s going to cost me 300+. Pobably close to 400 with shipping and exchange rate I bet. It’s pretty bad. SO…I’m going to have to be careful about my pricing for them.

That and I dont know if I’ll successfully sell them.

THESE are the charms Im talking about.

They are a full new set of Voltron chibis in their cat hoodies. I originally had some larger illustrations planned for these, with lance already technically done.

They still hold most of the old themes for each one. Lance’s pose is pretty much the same. Keiths was going to be simillar but I changed his legs a bit. Pidge is almost the same and Hunk still has the cake he was going to have in his large vesion. Allura is different and Shiro finally has a set pose.

I think they all turned out well.

I’ve already got my coloured straps and the beads I planned to pair with them.

For the OTHER designs, I had planned for a zelda themed charm and a sheep one. Recently I did a voltron Klance and Shallura sketch that I will prbably now include in my charm list.

I have the freedom to make some more ideas that I can use with the shrink film, but because I need to order these tomorrow or the next few days, I NEED to use what I have.

One last thing is another Zelda print, much like the island Link. This time it will be Zelda herself, in a similla uniquely clothed style. Since I put Link in a non canonical outfit in his, I wanted to do the same for her.

Now I dont know if I’ll be able to do it intime, but this time I’m not making a huge amount of large prints, like I did last time with the Sailor moon set. I will focus on smaller things and ONE big print to add. I’ve also tried to give myself as much time as possible.

The advantage of ordering from zapcreative is that their turnaround time and shipping time is shorter than acornpress, which would have been a problem if they hadnt responded NOW. I still need to order them asap but I’m not AS tight for time.

I hope to keep up to date on how my projects are going. You can always see what Im doing on my social networks:

Twitter – Instagram – Tumblr

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